A new PFF Mock Draft has Miami adding to their offensive line with the 21st pick in round 1 of the NFL Draft.


Round 1, Pick #21: Amarius Mims, OT – Georgia

“The Dolphins might not have an immediate need at tackle, but that’s why I think Mims would be a good fit here. He’s a raw prospect who played fewer than 400 snaps in each of his college seasons, but his physical tools and pass-blocking ability make him a long-term option as a replacement for Terron Armstead at left tackle.”

NFL.com Draft Profile


Talented tackle prospect carrying a picturesque frame and exciting NFL traits. Mims plays with pretty good technique and is ahead of the game with hand placement. He has the size and bend to create movement and adequate athleticism to make blocks on the move, although he can be inconsistent in that area. He uses a two-hand punch that causes him to lunge forward a bit, but that should be correctable. It is very rare to see him clearly beaten by a rusher, and he has the recovery talent to do something about it when it happens. Mims has more development to go, but he’s a Day 1 prospect with the traits and talent to be considered at either tackle position. He has a high ceiling, but questions due to his lack of experience could temper early expectations.


  • Outstanding combination of size, length and proportionality.
  • Fits into his drive blocks with good bend and a lift for leverage.
  • Plays with deliberate hand placement and runs feet through contact.
  • Keeps weight on inside half when sliding out to rusher.
  • Uses direct punch with inside hands and/or aggressive gather-and-snatch.
  • Strong hands and pure mass help tone down power rushers.
  • Adequate recovery tools to fight back when beaten.


  • Very limited experience, with just eight career college starts.
  • Inconsistent in sustaining blocks in the run game.
  • Movements up to second level lack timing and accuracy.
  • Feet get heavy when attempting to mirror a cross-face rush challenge.
  • Needs to work on forward lean at the top of the rush.

NFL Draft Buzz


A five-star recruit who played sparingly until his final season. He started just two games in 2022 but showed promise in the College Football Playoff. In 2023, an ankle injury requiring tightrope surgery limited his playing time. Despite limited starts, he has garnered early-round interest for the 2024 NFL Draft.

  • Boasts a massive frame with elite mass and length, carrying no bad weight.
  • Explosive, high-energy athlete, akin to a move tight end in open space.
  • Exceptional rotational freedom, length, and frame density contribute to his hyper-elite power capacity.
  • Effective in loading his base and generating torque through extensions, easily displacing defensive linemen off the snap.
  • Impressively agile in lateral movements, adept at matching stunting pass rushers.
  • Utilizes his hinge flexibility to adjust alignment effectively.
  • Excels in pass protection through a combination of athleticism, strength, and impressive wingspan.
  • Strong understanding of leveraging in pass protection, employing controlled lean and knee bend to extend his reach.
  • Tendency to play too tall into contact, which can negate his strong base.
  • Occasionally stalls leg drive post-initial contact, leading to lost displacement opportunities.
  • Prone to missing optimal angles in space, coupled with a lack of elite recovery flexibility.
  • Front foot positioning can sometimes impact balance against powerful opponents.
  • Hand fighting techniques need refinement for more precision and speed.

Amarius Mims is a standout OT prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, showcasing a rare blend of size, athleticism, and strength. His journey to the draft is reminiscent of other late bloomers who made a significant impact in their final collegiate seasons. Despite a limited number of starts and concerns regarding his durability, Mims’ physical attributes and on-field performances have kept him in the conversation for a high-draft pick.

His ability to adapt to various along the offensive line, combined with his innate physical talents, make him an option for NFL teams looking for a cornerstone offensive tackle who isn’t quite ready yet but who possesses great upside.

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