With an offense built around him and going into an actual training camp, the second-year QB out of Alabama, Tua Tagovailoa’s timing with the receivers around him and reading the defense shows signs of his 2018 season.

He finished 2nd in voting behind Kyler Murry in the Heisman race, in which Tua threw for 3966 yards, 43 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions in 15 games.

That season was coming off of 8 relief appearances in which he threw for 636 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions, almost similar numbers to his rookie season in the NFL.

With a healthy Tua and a proven track record of improvement, can Tua be the first Alabama quarterback since Ken Stabler to win a playoff game? But more importantly to Dolphins’ fans, is Tua the curse breaker to the revolving door of QB’s since Dan Marino?

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There have been 22, including Tua, starting quarterbacks since Marino retired in 1999, and the last starter to win a playoff game was Jay Fielder in 2000. In an interview with Judy Battista, an NFL.com columnist Tua says he feels very comfortable. After more than a year since the hip injury against Mississippi State, Tua says he feels stronger.

Tua, showing that he is indeed QB1 for the Dolphins, put in the work during the offseason with not just some of the receivers but also the offensive line to work on his cadence and pre and post-snap reads. If the work that Tua and some of the offensive guys put in during the offseason and the throws and reads Tua is making during training camp to complement the defense that was the number #1  in takeaways in the 2020 season is giving any kind of clue to the future of Miami Dolphins football, the Dolphins should still be playing football in late January of 2022.