Yesterday was a very tough day to be a Dolphins fan.  As the news continued to trickle in about Ryan Tannehill and his injured knee, questions began to mount on the season, and if it was over and done with.  While I am fully on board with Matt Moore being a starter for this team, he isn’t known to be a 16 game QB.  He is also getting up in age and his body hasn’t taken the toll since 2011 season where he had a 6-4  record as starter.  Would the Dolphins try and pry Jay Cutler or Tony Romo from the booth?  That is always a possibility, particularly with Cutler, who played for Gase in Chicago.  I am here to tell you that those options aren’t the best.  What about trading for Jimmy Garappolo or maybe the likes of Brock Osweiler?  I don’t see the Dolphins, given the need, trade a high pick for Jimmy G or a lower pick for Brock.  So where do they go?
My best opinion is you let Moore start and get a ton of reps in the preseason.  But can you trust Brandon Doughty or David Fales if something happens to Matt Moore?  I am sure all of you just shook your head no in disgust with that idea.  
So lets talk about Colin Kaepernick.  Yes, the same guy who kneeled last year during the anthem to show his disgust with today’s treatment of people of other ethnicities, particularly by police.  But remember, we also had guys do the same thing, and cheered each of them on each week.
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He was also the same guy who said some stupid  things about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  That incited the fan base of Miami and of course the Cuban community.  So why would the Dolphins even consider him?  Let’s take a look at what he could bring to the team, starter or back up:
2016 Stats- 12 Starts, 2,241 yards, 16TDs, 4INT, 468 Rush yards, 2 rush TD, 90.7 Rating
He “lost” his job to Blaine Gabbert last summer but let’s be real.  He lost that job because of his stance and kneeling during the anthem.  Chip Kelly had no choice but to turn back to him after Gabbert was a dumpster fire in those first 4 starts of the season.  The 49ers were a BAD football team last year.  No receiving help, no strong ground game.  Those numbers above show that Kaepernick was the least of their football issues.  Let’s dive in a bit more and go back a few more years:
2013 Stats- 16 Starts, 3,197 yards, 21TDs, 8INT, 524 Rush yards, 4 rush TD, 91.6 Rating
That was his first full season as starting QB, the year prior he came in for an injured Alex Smith and led the 49ers to the Superbowl, which they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.  He is a proven starter in the league and he is very capable leading an offense.  Statistics aside, this is not the issue he hasn’t been signed by anyone yet.  The real reason is because he is an outspoken player with views that doesn’t mesh well with fans and team owners.  Call a spade a spade, Kaepernick is being blackballed by 31 owners in this league.  Shame on them for doing this to a talented player and a great person.  So what if he knelt during the anthem?  Our own players did the same and we got over it when the W’s poured in.
I mentioned 31 owners.  The owner I didn’t mention was Stephen Ross. He stated recently that he hopes that the Ravens, who were interested at the time, signed him.  Their owner is stopping them from moving forward with Kaepernick, again, because of his activist ways last year.  Ross, for his part had this to say last year in support of his players:

At the end of the day, Ross may be the only owner ready to give him a chance.  Reports surfaced yesterday that the Dolphins have already have had conversation about adding Colin to the roster, of course pending Ryan Tannehill’s decision regarding his knee.  Adding Kaepernick will give the Dolphins options at QB, whether start him or Moore.  Whatever the decision is, at least one owner is willing to give him a chance.  The blackballing of Kaepernick needs to end, and we will know in due time what the Dolphins will do. I for one, hope they give him an opportunity to prove the league wrong for their decision not to bring him in.

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