Another prime time game, another beat down given to the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were dismantled against Carolina on Monday Night Football and it doesn’t look good for a team who finally deserved some spotlight after last season. They still have another prime time game against New England at home, but it’s nothing to be excited about.

The Dolphins drop to 4-5, dropping 3 straight games (all prime time). This game was a complete head scratcher from the start. It only kept getting worse. But there were some positives to come from last nights game:

1) Kenyan Drake is a complete mismatch. I have said multiple times on this website and in our podcast, that Adam Gase needs to use him more. Drake ripped off a 67 yard TD run (miami’s First of the year). Not only that, he continues to out perform Damien Williams, the “starter”.  Both are great out of the backfield catching the ball, but Drake is the guy who needs the rock on running downs. I hope against TB next week, Gase just gives Drake the bulk of the carries

Notice how I stopped at 1.. The defense, for all the gains they made early in the season has fallen off quickly. Their last three games, all in prime time and all losses have lost by a combined score of 112-45. At the same time, it doesn’t help that the offense is still awful. Major changes will be coming to the offense. The biggest change needs to be up front. If at any time, Adam Gase believes you don’t need to spend money up front, he is seeing with his own eyes, for two straight seasons that the offensive line is brutal beyond imagination. There needs to be money poured in on that side of the ball.

We know Ryan Tannehill will be back next year under center, but it’s also time to look ahead and groom a new quarterback behind Tannehill. The Dolphins need to draft a prospect that can be ready to play. Don’t wait until the late rounds to draft one.

For all my admiration of Drake and his potential, Miami needs to add another back. This team was successful last year because they found the balance. There is no balance, even when Ajayi was here. The Dolphins just aren’t equipped to handle 40+ passes a game. They certainly don’t have the Quarterbacks in the room to do that either. Something has to give at this point and it needs to be Gase and figuring out how to maximize his weapons better.

From the defensive side of the ball, and I may get roasted for saying this. But this will be Cameron Wake’s last season in Miami. He is still productive, but to rely on his 36 year old body to play 40 plus snaps a game is just unfair. Miami needs to focus their spending elsewhere. Branch and Charles Harris will be the two guys at the end next year. I also believe Miami will move on from Timmons and of course Maualuga will also be gone. The Dolphins need to address OLB, where McMillan will be back next year ready to go to take over one of the starting LB spots. The secondary is set, with Lippett back, Howard, Tankersley, Jones and McDonald. They should continue to add depth there but it’s the least of the worry. I also would look at Suh and see if they can extend his deal to lighten the cap hip to get more help as well. I don’t have all the cap figures ready to go and it still is too em early to really determine what they will have to spend.

The bottom line is this, for all the gains in 2016, losing Tannehill, Hurricanes, coaches snorting substances and no bye weeks, it’s not a surprise right bow that the Dolphins look tired. There is still 7 games to play to try to right the ship. I just don’t think this team will have enough in the tank to get to the finish line. And they certainly are not ready to be in the spotlight