Who knew not knowing that one of your best players wasn’t happy with you #1 assistant thus leading him to take himself out of a game and then say that everything was peaches and roses with you and that player while also signaling that the problem the whole time was the assistant that you picked had so many perks? Who knew passing the ball on 3rd and 1 over and over again meaning you’re not running the ball with either of your running backs or your 6’7 QB thus leading to punts would net so many gains? Who knew citing HIPPA as to why you can’t talk about your starting QBs health but then talk about your WR’s health days later and then not playing that WR when he was healthy only to start him the following week and he have his best game of his career would open people’s eyes to just how well you’re doing? Adam Gase knew and Vegas definitely has noticed.

This is sort of surprising. Miami currently is 5-4 and I can’t say I thought Miami would have 5 wins at this point in the year when thinking how they would do in August, but I never thought that Gase would have a chance to win the coach of the year award. However, I do understand it. Even through the crazy, seemingly avoidable situations like the current Reshad Jones saga, Gase has had to put up with tons and tons and tons and even more tons of injuries. He’s lost his two big o-line free agent starters for the year, his biggest free agent skill position for the year, backup 0-linemen, about 4 defensive linemen some who start gone for the year, some secondary guys for a few games and some secondary depth for the year and also his starting QB for the last 4 games and counting. All those injuries and this team with the Brocksmen at the helm and they are 5-4. That’s kind of impressive though I don’t think many will agree with that. Most want Gase axed yesterday and for some of their reasons, I can’t blame them for thinking that. His in-game adjustments and play calling has been at many times terrible at best. I can’t defend the not running on 3rd and ones over and over again, but when you have so many number 2’s who are playing against number 1s, you’re simply not going to be able to put up starter like performances very often. I freak out when dumb stuff happens but when I sit and think about it, I remember that Gase is working with below average parts.

If Miami somehow sneaks into the playoffs, he’s got a great chance to win the award. I really don’t think he cares if wins it because Gase has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t care about anything or what anyone thinks of him. But, it would pretty cool for him win the award with bunch. If this was the NBA, then people should want him to win it because many times when a coach wins the coach of the year award, they get fired soon after.

Whatever happens going forward, at least Gase will give us something to talk about. It probably won’t be what we want to talk about and I’m sure it will certainly make me, and everyone shake our heads and wonder out loud; why does this have to happen to Miami and only Miami? That’s just the nature of being a Miami fan and Gase knows that. He aims to please.

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