Stephen Ross has been owner of the Miami Dolphins for over 10 years. For all of the things he has done since taking over the franchise, from renovating the stadium with his own money to the tune of $500 million, to other projects around the stadium, to improving facilities and having yearly seminars with his players to help them with business after their playing days. The one area he has failed is winning on the field.

In his 10 years the Dolphins have won 72 games and that averages to 7 wins a season which isn’t good enough. He has gone through 5 head coaches and is now on his 6th  in Brian Flores. Ross has gone through 3 different front office structures before handing the reins to Chris Grier. He has spent money out the wazoo on free agents and only had 1 playoff appearance during that time, but now Ross has decided to go in a different direction. After last season, he decided to fire head coach Adam Gase and executive vice president Mike Tannenbaum to start a new chapter.


He decided that with Grier running the show they would stop being aggressive in free agency and get their salary cap fixed so they have more flexibility. He also wants the team to build through the draft for long term success. His formula of signing free agents and then drafting wasn’t working so he realized the team had to try something new, but in the process the team had to trade or release a lot of players even if it means ripping the whole roster.

The problem is with the trades the Dolphins made in the last few weeks of Minkah Fitzpatrick, Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills, and Kiko Alonso. They have gotten rid of all of the talent in exchange for younger inexperienced players. The Dolphins have lost the first 2 games of the season by a combined score of 112-10 and we are only 2 games into the season. Things are only going to get worse one would believe and it’s fair to wonder if Ross will have the patience to see this through. The Dolphins next year do have 3 first round picks along with 2 second rounders and in 2021 have 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders, but that means a lot of more younger players will be on the roster and while they might get better growing pains will happen. The Dolphins are probably a good 4 years away from being a legitimate contender possibly. If results continue like the last 2 weeks with no end in sight will Ross let Grier and Flores, see this through?

If there is a positive the Dolphins will have a lot of picks to make a move on a quarterback in the next couple of drafts and that’s the area they have ignored since Dan Marino retired. Ross wants the Dolphins to find the franchise quarterback, but this team needs to add more young talent as well and Grier has had mixed results with his drafts the last few years so what makes him think this rebuilding plan is going to work? It’s nice to have all of these picks, but if you aren’t bringing in good players it’s all for nothing. Things are going to get worse before they get better will Ross have the patience for this is my question?