There’s a special buzz and electricity in the air around the Miami Dolphins this year, and I can’t put my finger on a single cause. What straw broke the camel’s back? Why is there so much excitement about this year’s squad? Let’s break it down.

You see it in the stands at the new, shaded, super swanky Dolphin’s training facility on the grounds of Joe Robbie (sorry, old habits die hard)—I mean Hard Rock—Stadium. Nicely done, Stephen Ross. This is a must-visit for all Dolphins fans!

There’s an excitement in the air that’s palpable. Crowds. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Electricity. It could be that we’re almost finished (inshallah) with this COVID rollercoaster, that we’re ready to get back to being face-to-face and in-person fans, that we’re ready to get down to the cathartic business of sharing a winning football game with 65,325 of our closest football friends.

Maybe it’s the teasing promise of last year’s 10–6 record and the hope it holds for this year.

Maybe it’s how explosive the offense looks in practice. (I know, it’s still early.) In a lifetime of following the ‘Fins, I’ve never seen the offense look this exciting in practice. Ever. Marino and Griese’s years included.

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New draftee receiver Jaylen Waddle looks like the real deal, and Albert Wilson appears to have hit the Fountain of Youth during the offseason. The guy is setting training camp ablaze! And then you factor in DeVante Parke and Preston Williams, receivers who are presumed to be major contributors this year.

Maybe the electricity has to do with the Tua “The Hawaiian Hitman” Tagovailoa lighting up the field and looking explosive during training camp. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait!

Maybe it’s the teasing promise of NFL interception-leader Xavien Howard being back in aqua and orange this year. I sure hope things work out for us as far as that goes. Fingers crossed.

I know, I know. I’m just an overly optimistic and perpetually disappointed DolFan filled with the summer excitement of professional football and the promise a new season offers. I’m also super excited to move past COVID and back into the stands for overpriced beers and sweaty high fives with my fellow ‘Fins’ fans.

So, let’s GO!

See you at the stadium, and FINS UP!