The news regarding Jalen Ramsey’s injury from earlier today isn’t good, but it could be a lot worse. Multiple sources are reporting that Ramsey’s ACL is intact, but he needs a full meniscus repair and will miss the first part of the 2023 season. How long he will miss is not exactly known, but he will surely miss the start of the Dolphins’ regular season. There is a report from Ian Rapoport that Ramsey will be back in December. Yet, another reporter (Mike Garafolo) is saying he may only miss six weeks, but that could change once the surgery is completed. Jalen Ramsey took to social media to say that the “end of season push” will be legendary.

It appears that the minimum time missed will be 6 weeks, but it may be longer, and the exact time frame missed won’t be known until the surgery is done, and then and only then will we know how long Ramsey will be out. Cameron Wolfe of the NFL Network is reporting Ramsey will have surgery tomorrow (Friday).