Over the last decade, the Miami Dolphins have made some strategic moves on the player front, leading to discussions and debates among fans and experts. As fans eagerly wait for the next season, many are placing bets on these new signings at top online casinos in Canada. These online platforms offer opportunities for individuals to test their luck and strategies.

Brandon Marshall

When Brandon Marshall joined the Dolphins in 2010, he brought an energy and skill set that was desperately needed. Not only did he amass 1,114 yards in his debut season, but he followed it up with a whopping 1,214 yards the next year.

Despite his impressive stats, Marshall’s time with the Dolphins was marred by his attitude and locker room disputes, which led to his trade shortly after. Nevertheless, Marshall left an indelible mark in his two seasons with Miami, accumulating 2,228 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

Branden Albert

2014 saw the addition of T Branden Albert to the Dolphins. The signing came with a hefty price tag, but Albert’s contribution to the offensive line proved invaluable. His prowess earned him a Pro Bowl spot in 2015, and he was instrumental in sculpting one of the best offensive lines the Dolphins have seen in years.

Brent Grimes

A leap of faith marked cornerback Brent Grimes’ journey to the Dolphins in 2013. Having suffered a severe injury the previous year, Grimes was determined to prove himself, and he did just that.

Grimes demonstrated his worth with four interceptions and two consecutive Pro Bowl selections in 2013 and 2014. His tenure may have been short-lived due to off-field controversies, but his on-field performance made him one of the best UFA signings for the Dolphins.

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh’s entrance to the Dolphins in free agency was marked by significant anticipation. Commanding the largest contract in the franchise’s history, Suh brought raw power and an unyielding attitude. Though his time in Miami saw some personal challenges and leadership concerns, Suh’s on-field contributions, including 15.5 sacks and 181 tackles in three seasons, are undeniable.

Randy Starks

The story of Randy Starks is one of resilience and determination. With seven seasons under his belt, Starks contributed significantly to the Dolphins’ defensive line. Though he might not have always been in the spotlight, his stats speak volumes.

Starks was an integral part of the Dolphins ‘ defense with two Pro Bowl appearances, four interceptions, and 30.5 sacks. His pairing with Ndamukong Suh would have undoubtedly created a daunting front.


The past decade has seen the Miami Dolphins curate a roster filled with stars and unsung heroes. Their strategic signings have aimed to create a balanced team, ensuring they remain competitive in the NFL landscape. The future holds promise, and with continued smart decisions, the Dolphins are poised for more success.