After the Buffalo Bills soundly beat the Miami Dolphins back in Week 4, Kyle Brandt on Good Morning Football went on the air and had a misleading rant claiming Miami Dolphins players and coaches were going around saying they were the next big thing and reinventing offense in the NFL (when that was never the case). Wednesday morning on Good Morning Football, over a week later, Brandt tried to clear up his messaging. Brandt claims his family has been threatened since his rant, and Dolphins fans are attacking him on social media. He said his rant was directed at his co-workers who had been pumping the Dolphins up as “the next big thing,” and not at the team itself, and he is sorry for that confusion.

At the end of today’s clip, Brandt said what he was saying was not an apology though. He just wanted to clear up who he was directing his rant towards, and it wasn’t Mike McDaniel or the Dolphins players. Watch the clip below to see Brandt’s Non-Apology.