Rumor has it that the Denver Broncos are listening to offers for almost all of their players on the defensive side of the ball. With Miami’s recent struggles regarding the personnel not fitting Vic Fangio’s scheme, you have to think that this is an opportunity that General Manager Chris Grier will jump at to get Fangio “his guys.” Most of the players on the Broncos’ defense played under Fangio during his stint as head coach when they had a top-rated defense.

This would work out perfectly for Miami, who wouldn’t have to worry about a learning curve when acquiring players. Aside from Fangio’s ties to some of the players, Miami has done business with Denver in the past, which led to the acquisition of Outside Linebacker Bradley Chubb. So, who should Grier be picking up the phone to acquire?

Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t a real need for the secondary—the recent struggles in the secondary stem from a lack of production from the defensive line and linebackers. There was also a concern regarding who would fill the safety role next to Jevon Holland, but Deshon Elliot has been more than solid, and I think Miami should stick with him. Not to mention that Miami will have extra help in the secondary, with Nik Needham and Jalen Ramsey returning soon. So, as great as it would be to acquire safety Justin Simmons or corner Patrick Surtain Jr., it would be unlikely and unnecessary with how much it could cost Miami.

If I’m the Dolphins, I’m picking up the phone to call the Broncos about Defensive tackle D.J. Jones and Linebacker Josey Jewell.

The Miami Dolphins have been dismal against the run, and minus their game against a wounded Giants offensive line on Sunday, they’ve had trouble getting to the Quarterback. Jones and Jewell could help solve those issues and bolster this defense. D.J. Jones gives you the stout Nose tackle play that they’ve been lacking with Raekwon Davis. He’s a strong, big-bodied tackle that can fill gaps. This would help Defensive tackles Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins get to the Quarterback and help stop the run. Fangio’s defense requires more of a large-bodied Nose Tackle in their base package, and D.J. Jones would fit perfectly. Jones plays with aggressiveness that could make this defensive line feared and formidable. Imagining him next to Christian Wilkins and Zach Sieler is scary! Considering that Raekwon Davis is sure to walk in the off-season, I see no reason why Miami wouldn’t get ahead of the curve and deal with him now.

Dare I say, Josey Jewell could become the Miami Dolphins version of Matt Milano. He’s a heat-seeking thumper that Miami has been missing at the Inside Linebacker position. According to Jewell, “I just love to hit people”. He can get off his block and can punish players when they come up the middle. Did I forget to mention that he’s picked Patrick Mahomes off twice in his career? Jewell plays very instinctively and has a “dawg mentality,” much like our very own Andrew Van Ginkel.

We need a level of aggressiveness from our Linebackers that we lack with our current core. A straight-up swap for Jewell and Baker isn’t likely because of Baker’s contract, but if Miami can flip him and/or David Long Jr. for draft picks, they could make a legitimate offer for Jewell. With Chris Grier’s track record, he’ll find a way to get a deal. If I’m Vic Fangio, I’d find a way to keep Andrew Van Ginkel on the field even when Jaelen Phillips returns from injury. I would do so without benching Bradley Chubb or having Van Ginkel become a backup. I’m sure after a nod of approval from Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, he also wants to see Van Ginkel on the field at all times.

I’d pair Van Ginkel and Josey Jewell together at the Inside Linebacker positions. Pairing two instinctive, play-making, hard-nosed players at those positions could not only turn this defense around but positively impact the identity of this defense. The Miami Dolphins need to get back to being the hard-nosed, gritty defense that Miami Dolphins defenses have been known for. Having Andrew Van Ginkel and Josey Jewell in the middle is definitely a start. The pairing also provides Fangio with “his guys” in a defense that relies heavily on good Linebacker play. Most of Fangio’s successful defenses included elite Linebacker play, and both players can give you that.

After Chris Grier acquired WR Chase Claypool from the Chicago Bears, you have to think that Grier is just getting started and there will be more moves made in the next couple of weeks. We know how much Grier likes to jump at the opportunity to land players that can make this team better, and the Denver Broncos are offering that opportunity. We have three more weeks before the trade deadline, so we’ll see what Chris Grier “cooks up” next.