During this past Sunday’s game against the Raiders, it is easy to see how Dolphins fans could have felt a vast mix of emotions, myself included. They won. It was ugly, but they won. The offense was out of sync for a bit of the game; Tua was not as sharp as usual. He probably could have had a few more balls intercepted that the Raiders fortunately dropped.

I can chalk up the offensive rust to just being post-bye adjustments, which happens to every team; it’s okay. The good news is they won, Tyreek did his thing, and the offensive line for the most part held up. It was unfortunate not to see Achane in a significant role, but if his knee was bugging him, you need him to get healthy. I never thought I’d say this, but do they miss Isaiah Wynn? The rushing game is not the same. That’s the only thing I can pinpoint why the rushing game has been struggling the past few weeks.

The defense was superb, specifically Ramsey, he is still a baller potentially the top corner in the league. I am holding back from reading too much into this performance because O’Connell is a joke. He’s terrible. They should be able to feast against the Jets on Friday with Tim Boyle, a broken team whose season is on the line.

Dolphins fans have a good Thanksgiving. I hope it is happy and healthy for all your loved ones, this team has a great stretch in store for them.