The Miami Dolphins offense got off to a great start, but defenses have come up with schemes to prevent the big plays and keep them from scoring a lot of points. As the season goes on, the offenses around the league typically start to come back to the pack, and defenses start to assert themselves. That has been the case with the Dolphins the last few weeks. The defense is getting better and more comfortable in defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s defense. They are also getting key players back healthy, like Jalen Ramsey and Jalen Phillips. However, my biggest concern with the Dolphins offense has been their turnovers. 

On Sunday, they turned it over three times, and the Raiders could have easily gotten more than 6 points off the turnovers. Before the bye week, the difference in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs was the fumble recovery returned for the touchdown. The Dolphins fell behind early against the New England Patriots a few weeks ago because of a careless interception by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The Dolphins had some turnovers against the New York Giants earlier this season, including one that resulted in a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown.  

The point is the Dolphins must be better at taking care of the football against the New York Jets. The Jets have an aggressive defense, and they are going to look to force turnovers and punch the ball out. It’s the biggest concern I have going into this game. The Jets are going to be starting an inexperienced quarterback in Tim Boyle, and I’m confident in the defense as they continue to get better, but the offense is another story. They have been playing loose and, at times, recklessly with the football.

I get that Tagovailoa wants to be aggressive, but he must pick his spots against this defense. The offensive players also must secure the football when they have it and can’t be loose with it. Games turn on turnovers. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles as their only loss was to these same New York Jets, thanks to bad turnovers at the end of the game. Or better yet, ask the Buffalo Bills and their star quarterback, Josh Allen, as he was reckless in the season opener when the Bills had the game in the bag until the turnovers and eventually lost. That’s a scenario I can see happening to the Dolphins if they aren’t careful. 

This is a game the Dolphins should win easily. Then again, they should have beaten the Las Vegas Raiders easily, but turnovers kept them from winning by a bigger margin and almost cost them the game. The Dolphins offense can’t take this game lightly. The Jets are going to want to play well on defense and put a dent in the Dolphins’ season as they try to finish off the AFC East crown. The Dolphins just may have to be a little more conservative than usual on offense, but then again Tagovailoa didn’t play in either of the games against the Jets last year so maybe with him they will have a better result. 

The Dolphins also need this game to keep their cushion on the Bills. They can’t just count on the Bills going into the tubes with their tough schedule. The Dolphins must take care of their own business and not let them back into the division race. Plus, the race for the number 1 seed is within reach. The Dolphins offense needs to be focused and not careless.