Monday Night Football last night was outstanding for many reasons. One, it was a thrilling and exciting game; two, the Buffalo Bills lost. What made it even more fun if you were a Miami Dolphins fan was watching Buffalo Bills homer, and co-host of GOOD MORNING FOOTBALL Kyle Brandt on live TV on ESPN2 and the Manning-Cast, go through a range of emotions during the final seconds of the game as he thought Buffalo had won on a missed field goal, only to see there was a flag on the play and for Denver to win on the very next play.

For those who may not know, Brandt has a strong dislike of the Dolphins and doesn’t hide it well at all. When the Dolphins lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on SNF about a month ago, he showed up to work the following morning in an Eagles jersey and proclaimed the Miami Dolphins as “frauds.” When the Dolphins lost to the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago, he went on the air the next day and said the Dolphins “are not serious people.” A famous line used from the TV show Succession.

Earlier this season, Brandt openly lied about the Dolphins, saying that Mike McDaniel and Tua were bragging about how their offense was revolutionary and changing the sport. When fact-checked by social media for weeks that Tua or McDaniel never said that, Brandt finally one day on the air decided to backpedal, saying something along the lines of, I didn’t mean they were saying that; I meant my co-hosts were saying it and it was annoying.

Brandt doesn’t hide his love for the Buffalo Bills. The former reality TV star and failed soap opera actor has announced picks for the Bills on Day 2 of the NFL Draft in the past. He used to have a weekly show with Josh Allen on his podcast. He has been known to dress up as a goofy member of the Bills Mafia and act like a fool with them in the stands. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. He is entitled to be a fan and a broadcast journalist.

BUT….where Brandt crosses the line is he lets his Bills fandom cloud his judgment in his attacks of the Bills’ biggest rival, the Dolphins, with over-the-top rhetoric and grand proclamations about how bad they are every chance he gets. Yet, he will also claim that he has no issue with the Dolphins and “likes them,” which comes off as very disingenuous.

If you are going to call the Dolphins “frauds” and say they “are not serious people,” then he has to expect Dolphins fans will be ready to throw it in his face when the moment is right.

Monday Night, November 13th, the moment was right.

Brandt was on with Peyton and Eli Manning on their Manning Cast in the final seconds of the Denver-Buffalo game. As Denver lined up for the winning field goal, the one they missed, Brandt couldn’t control himself and let his Bills-Fandom come out as he celebrated the Broncos’ missed field goal…..until he realized there was a flag on the play. Watch below…

When the Broncos then lined up for their second attempt, which was five yards closer, the kick that was good and won them the game, you can see how Brandt’s attitude and demeanor changed once Buffalo had officially lost.

That right there was the moment Miami Dolphins fans who have had to listen to Kyle Brandt all season call their favorite team names have been waiting for.

Who are the frauds now?
Which team isn’t “serious people now?”

Karma is a wonderful thing, especially when you can see it play out on national TV on ESPN2 with Peyton and Eli Manning.