Colin Cowherd has a lot of things to say about everything in the world of sports. Regarding the Miami Dolphins, almost everything he says is criticism and not positive in any way. Which is fine; he doesn’t work for the team and isn’t mandated to say only nice things about the Dolphins. But it is now getting to the point where it is a bit over the top, and Colin may be twisting himself into a pretzel to say bad things about the Fins.

Last week, Cowherd predicted the Cowboys would blow out Miami and win easily on Christmas Eve. The Dolphins won the game 22-20, so you would think Colin would come on the air and maybe say a few good things about the Dolphins since they did win. Give them a little credit for doing something he didn’t think they could do.

But no, he went on his show Wednesday and said that Miami deserves no credit or respect for beating Dallas. He went on to say Dolphins fans are always looking for validation for things that aren’t really accomplishments, and it isn’t his job to give any team credit or respect, especially when it isn’t earned. Then he brought up how the Dolphins organization hadn’t won a playoff game in 23 years and is somehow pinning that on this current 20023 Dolphins team like it was their fault 10, 15, 20 years ago this organization didn’t win in the playoffs when most of the players were either in elementary or middle school.

The clip of Colin’s rant on the Dolphins went viral, and Miami Dolphins superstar WR Tyreek Hill responded on “X” (formerly Twitter) by asking, “What sport has this thug played again.” Questioning the credibility of Colin’s statements. While it is very noble for Tyreek to stand up for Dolphins fans and the Miami Dolphins organization by responding to Cowherd, I will take issue with one thing. Just because someone didn’t play in the NFL doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to an opinion of what takes place on the field.

Whether Cowherd is just the world’s biggest Miami Dolphins troll or truly believes what he is saying, he is entitled to an opinion, and questioning whether he played a sport or not is an old line athletes do run to when they are upset with the media.

With that said, though, Cowherd has gotten under the skin of Dolphins fans the past few years with his comments on the Dolphins. He has called the team this year “Fake Gucci,” which a slight that they aren’t the real deal. He has also thrown many jabs and zingers at Tua’s way in the past few years. There are so many; regarding Tua, I cannot begin to list them all.

But with his comments on Wednesday, It feels like he finally said the one thing to draw a reaction out of a Dolphins player, and he has gotten under the skin of someone now actually on the team. Was this always his goal? Maybe, maybe not.

I don’t think a guy like Cowherd is a thug but more of a bully. Runs his mouth, but when someone stands up to them, they usually back down and change their tune really quickly.

We will see if this war of words dies and goes away or if it continues over the next few days.