Throughout their storied history in the NFL, the Miami Dolphins have given their fans online casino Slovenia unforgettable moments and glorious victories. From stunning comebacks to impressive displays of sportsmanship, the Dolphins have had their share of iconic games. In this article, we take an in-depth look at some of the most remarkable and historic games that have left an indelible mark on the franchise and its fans at Boomerang Casino and Casino Slots.

1971 AFC Divisional Playoffs: “The Longest Game”

Date: 25 December 1971

Result: Dolphins 27, Kansas City Chiefs 24 (2 OT)

Often referred to as “The Longest Game,” this classic Christmas Day game is one of the most memorable in the history of professional football. “The Miami Dolphins faced the Kansas City Chiefs in a grueling contest that lasted until the second extra period. Garo Yepremian won the game with a 37-yard field goal, allowing the Dolphins to advance to the AFC Championship game. This win was a defining moment for the team, proving their toughness and talent in high-stakes situations.

1981 AFC playoffs

Date: 2 January 1982.

Result: Dolphins 38, San Diego Chargers 41 (OT)

Although this game ended in heartbreak for the Dolphins, it is still considered one of the greatest games ever played in NFL history. This game, known as the “Epic Game in Miami,” featured an incredible comeback by the Dolphins, who were trailing the Chargers 24-0 at the end of the first quarter. After a thrilling fourth quarter, the game went into overtime, and despite the loss, the game cemented the 1981 team’s place in NFL history due to their resilience and fierce competitive spirit.

1982 AFC Championship Game

Date: 23 January 1983

Result: Dolphins 14, New York 0

The 1982 AFC Championship Game between the Dolphins and Jets, played in pouring rain and relentless mud, was not so much a flashy game as it was pure determination. “The Dolphins, led by the strategic prowess of coach Don Shula, overcame the quagmire at the Orange Bowl to reach Super Bowl XVII. The game conditions neutralized the Jets’ offensive strength and showed Miami’s adaptability and iron-willed defense.

1994, Week 13: Marino’s fake spike is “The Clock Game”

Date: 27 November 1994.

Result: Dolphins 28, New York Jets 24

One of the most iconic moments in Miami Dolphins’ history has to do with the legendary Dan Marino and his ingenious “Clock Game”. As the game was coming to a close against the Jets, Marino pretended to stop the clock by signaling a spike that would normally stop the clock by throwing the ball into the ground immediately after the snap. Instead, Marino took advantage of the snap and threw a touchdown pass to Mark Ingram, stunning the Jets and clinching a dramatic victory. This play is etched in the memories of Dolphins fans and epitomizes Marino’s Hall of Fame career.

2000, Week 16: “Monday Night Miracle.”

Date: 23 October 2000.

Result: Dolphins 37, New York Jets 40 (OT)

In a game that seemed all but decided, the Miami Dolphins met the New York Jets in a game that would later be called the “Monday Night Miracle”. “The Dolphins dominated from the start as Dan Marino and the defense showed a masterclass in football execution. It seemed like the Dolphins were on their way to an easy win.

However, the Jets staged one of the most dramatic comebacks in NFL history, led by quarterback Vinny Testaverde. The comeback culminated with Jumbo Elliott’s incredible touchdown run that tied the game and sent it into overtime. Despite a valiant effort, the Dolphins ultimately lost to the Jets in overtime. This game remains a vivid memory for Dolphins fans and the wider NFL audience alike, as it showcases the volatility and excitement of the sport.

The Wild Cat Is Unleased

Date: 21 September 2008

Result: Dolphins 38, New England Patriots 13.

The Dolphins introduced the league to the Wildcat attack, where a non-quarterback player takes a direct snap, a strategy that confounded the Patriots’ defense and led to a convincing victory. This tactical surprise firmly established the 2008 Dolphins as a team that could reinvent itself and outsmart the competition.


Each of these games offers a glimpse into the character and legacy of the Miami Dolphins. From “Perfect Season” to “Game of the Hour,” the ups and even the noble defeats tell the story of a franchise rich in history and achievement. For Dolphins fans, these games are more than just fleeting moments of former glory; they are milestones upon which the team’s spirit was built and continues to thrive in the hearts of its loyal fans.