While Dolphins fans are very optimistic about the 2023 season and think the Dolphins will go far, NFL Insider Peter King of NBC believes the AFC is so loaded that the Dolphins and Chargers will both missing the playoffs. In his FOOTBALL MORNING IN AMERICA column on Monday, September 4th, Peter picked his playoff teams and made his Super Bowl Prediction for the upcoming season.

On Miami missing the playoffs, Peter said, “It’s a fact of life in the 2023 American Football Conference: A very good team or two won’t make the playoffs. There’s so much to like about Miami, particularly after adding Vic Fangio to run the defense. But man, the landmines. At the explosive Chargers in week one. At Buffalo, at Philly, versus Kansas City in Germany, at the Jets on a short week, at Baltimore late. (And of course Buffalo and the Jets at home, too.) There’s all that, plus the drive to keep Tua Tagovailoa healthy all season.”

Peter has Miami tied for the 7th seed with Pittsburgh, but the Steelers winning the tie-breaker over Miami.

Peter has the Jets winning the AFC East and predicted the Eagles to beat the Bills in the Super Bowl.