The Dolphins are getting ready for the NFL Draft, and the 21st pick is a big deal. Right now is a really important time for making decisions because the team has a lot of things it needs. This has led to discussions about which direction the team might choose and how it could shape the future of the franchise.

The Dolphins are thinking about getting a young left tackle to prepare for when Terron Armstead might not be around. Even though Armstead is doing great this season, the team knows it is important to plan for the future. They are also considering getting another edge player because Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips are healing from big injuries, and Andrew Van Ginkel might soon become a free agent.

The Dolphins will look closely at the defensive tackle spot, especially if negotiations with Christian Wilkins go the franchise tag route, and I am sure Vic Fangio will have a big say in any defensive player they draft. They are also considering getting a linebacker who is good at covering passes and a versatile tight end, things the offense was missing this season. They are considering cornerback, guard, and center positions, too, depending on how different contract talks go.

Taking an early look at players projected within Miami’s pick range offers insight into potential prospects:

Offensive Line

ESPN’s Jordan Reid suggests Arizona offensive tackle Jordan Morgan as a first-round pick for Miami. According to The Athletic’s Dane Brugler, he likes Oregon guard/center Jackson Powers-Johnson for the Dolphins. He believes it would be a great match between the player and the team.

Edge Players

While FSU’s Jared Verse remains a tempting prospect, he is likely to be off the board before Miami picks. Other edge players in consideration include UCLA’s Laiatu Latu, Washington’s Bralen Trice, Alabama’s Chris Braswell, and Penn State’s Chop Robinson, emerging in various mock drafts in the teens or 20s.


Several prospects are projected in the early teens through the early 20s, including Clemson’s Nate Wiggins, Alabama’s Terrion Arnold, and Iowa’s Cooper DeJean. Each of these players has special skills that could really help the Dolphins on defense.

Defensive Tackles

Looking at defensive tackles, players like Texas’ Byron Murphy II and Illinois’ Jer‚ÄôZhan Newton are expected to be available in the late teens and 20s. They could be good choices for strengthening the team’s defensive line.

Tight End

While no clear candidate for the Dolphins’ range at 21 has surfaced, Georgia’s Brock Bowers stands out as a mid-teen prospect, heralded for his skills that could significantly impact the team’s offensive dynamics.

These early predictions give us an idea of who the Dolphins might pick. But remember that things can change as we get closer to the draft. The Dolphins need to make some important decisions that go beyond just fixing current problems. The choices they make will decide where the team is headed and how things will go in the next NFL season.

As the team decides who to pick in the draft, the main goal is to build a team that can do well not just now but for a long time. The upcoming draft is super important because it is like a map for the Dolphins. They have been trying to figure out how to be successful for many years. The choices they make in April won’t just affect the team right away but will also decide how people see the Dolphins in the seasons to come. It is like a journey where every pick is a careful choice, carrying the dreams of the team and the hopes of Dolphins fans who really want to see a great future ahead.