The Miami Dolphins were the only team in the NFL last year without a tight end having a touchdown.

That’s not good. But it is not something to panic about either, as Miami still had the #1 total offense in the NFL last season, and not having a tight end didn’t hold the Dolphins back.

Would it be nice to have an option in the passing game from the tight end position? Of course! It should be a position Chris Grier looks to address this offseason. But it’s not a priority.

Who is Miami’s backup left tackle?

Who will be Miami’s defensive tackle/nose tackle?

What will Miami do at Center?

Can Miami keep Chrisitan Wilkins?

Can Miami keep Robert Hunt?

Should Miami give Tua an extension?

Who is going to replace Xavien Howard?


Who will fill in at edge rusher for half the season while Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips rehab?

Miami has serious issues in many areas on this team, but upgrading the tight end, in my opinion, is at the bottom of the list.

This is an offense based around the wide receivers, and Tyreek Hill had 171 targets last season…and he missed a game! Jaylen Waddle missed three games and had 104 targets.

The point is there aren’t enough targets to go around for a big-time receiving tight end. Now, does that mean you don’t want a better option there than what Miami currently has in Durham Smythe? Of course not; you want the best players possible.

But I would not use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a tight end. (Assuming Brock Bowers isn’t falling to pick #21)

What is more important for the Dolphins is to add to the wide receiver room and build the wide receiver depth. We saw last season when Hill was slowed down or went out, and when Waddle was out, the passing game struggled. If anything, Miami needs to upgrade their #3 and #4 wide receiver positions more than the tight end position to ensure a strength stays a strength if Hill or Waddle miss a game or two.

The Dolphins have a great tight end coach in John Embree, and Miami should try to trade back in Rounds 1 or 2, maybe get a pick in Rounds 3 or 4 (which they currently do not have), or they should use a pick in Round 5 on a tight end and let Embree develop them.

But I see no reason to spend big money on a tight end in free agency or to draft one in rounds 1 or 2. Tight end is important, but on the list of issues facing the Miami Dolphins right now entering the offseason, its at the bottom of the list.