It’s Mock Draft season, and NFL Network Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund has put out her first mock draft of the season. See who she has Miami selecting in Round 1 below.

Yes, we know mock drafts before free agency, the combine, and in-person visits aren’t all that meaningful, but they are still fun to look at.


Round 1: Pick #21 – Keon Coleman, WR Florida St

“Coleman ranks in the top 22nd percentile in contested-catch rate (10-season sample) and has alignment versatility. Add his ability to the speed already on this team … and yikes.”

PFN Draft Profile


  • Lab-built athlete with excellent size, length, frame density, and compact mass.
  • Is an effortless accelerator with hyperactive foot speed and lateral twitch for his size.
  • Can use brisk one-cut agility to make solo defenders miss in space and surge upfield.
  • Uses efficient diamond releases to offset DBs and two-hand swipes to pry free.
  • Actively presses upfield off releases and can manipulate DB blind spots with efficiency.
  • Can suddenly snap back, retract his strides, and swivel around after pressing into stems.
  • Carries acceleration through stems and tight transitions with bend and hip flexibility.
  • Molds together elite timing, coordination, body control, and strength at the catch point.
  • Is an awe-inspiring contortionist with a gravity-bending feel for positioning in midair.
  • Makes high-difficulty adjustments look effortless and seeks out the ball past his frame.
  • Snares contested targets with his swathing reach and suffocating hand strength.
  • Maximizes instincts with sharp tracking ability, hands, and a proactive alpha mentality.
  • Uses arm bars and swipes to clear his frame ahead of contested catches.
  • Utilizes strong contact balance to absorb hits and recollect his feet soon after.
  • Elite run blocker with patience, leverage awareness, and unfurled tenacity at contact.



  • Explosiveness, while exceptional, isn’t always enough to completely stack boundary DBs.
  • Has enough long speed to stress vertically but doesn’t have elite vertical range.
  • Sometimes can be a bit late to decouple from defenders and turn his head on deep routes.
  • Can be prone to occasional drops on low, high-difficulty catch attempts.
  • Doesn’t quite have elite hip flexibility and sinking capacity; hips can lock up.
  • Has to take extra steps to gather himself on 180-degree route transitions.
  • Sometimes will divert upright at stems, sapping at momentum and keying in DBs.
  • At times, plant-and-drive footwork on comeback routes can be more efficient.
  • Has immense promise with his route tree but can strive for more consistent technique.
  • Contact balance, while solid, is not elite and doesn’t always bail him out on short passes.