NFL betting odds are exciting opportunities to cash in on the game, but they don’t come with guarantees. There is always a chance that your preferred team loses or you bet over the total points when you should have chosen under. While all of these are acceptable, the most significant risk is placing your bet in an unsafe sportsbook.


Illegal or scam betting platforms affect your winning chances even when you make the correct predictions. What’s the fun in enjoying a favorite pastime and having to part with your money fraudulently or, perhaps, getting your financial details into the wrong hands? Fortunately, this review protects you from losing your payout as it contains an overview of the safest sportsbooks for NFL betting odds.

How To Recognize A Safe Casino

The growing number of betting sites makes separating legal and safe casinos from unsafe alternatives difficult. Seeing the signs of an illegal gambling site might be challenging, but you can always go right when identifying a secure betting platform. We have outlined everything you should watch out for while searching for a casino platform to explore.


License and Security

While it is not conclusive proof of safety, a Gaming license is the first proof that a casino is safe enough for your bets. Casinos that operate with highly regulated licenses are guaranteed to offer adequate gaming security. However, we recommend casinos that work with regional licenses from bodies like the Florida Gaming Control Commission or any other local gaming regulatory agency. Note that the licenses are as important as the body issuing them. Watch out for a reputable body, and you can be guaranteed of an exciting gambling adventure.


Payment Options

The choice of payment options strongly indicates the casino’s security level. Casinos using unregulated payment methods are likely running illegal and unsafe gaming platforms. Even when using diversified payment options like cryptocurrencies, it is best to pay through credible wallets or payment portals.


Game Library

The game options in a casino can tell you a lot about the casino. Most game developers protect their games and only grant licenses to verified betting sites. In the case of sportsbooks, the list of competitions on their sports list would help see if the bookmaker is licensed to offer games from your region.


Customer Support

Quality customer support shows that the betting site is available to help customers navigate their platform. Most casinos now maintain minimum contact with their customers through email addresses and 24/7 chats. However, we recommend signing up with betting sites with instant and responsive contact options.


What are the Safest Casinos for NFL Betting Odds

Your choice of a betting site would affect your winning chances and even the possibility of withdrawing your winnings. We rely on PlaySafeCasino to help us find safe casinos, and these are some of their recommendations:

  1. DraftKings
  2. BetMGm
  3. Caesars
  4. Betway
  5. Fanduel


DraftKings has earned its place as one of the most popular sportsbooks in America. This betting site offers rich promotions, an exciting sports betting list, and competitive NFL betting odds. New players can get up to $1000 as welcome bonuses in DraftKings sportsbook, but its security remains our focus.


DraftKings has a license to operate in over 20 U.S states. The sportsbook is regulated by various regional and local gaming authorities within and outside America. Making deposits is also remarkably safe in DraftKings as the platform allows players to make deposits through different safe and well-regulated payment methods.



As part of an international resort chain, BetMGM represents an artful collaboration between hospitality and iGaming. MGM Resorts and their sports betting partner, Entain Holding, have created one of the safest sportsbooks in America and beyond.


Since its launch in 2018, BetMGM has become one of the best platforms to place sports bets in America. The sportsbook offers its services in 20 states, including Washington, D.C. We are forced to attribute the growing reputation of BetMGM to its excellent promotions and user-friendly platform.


In our experience, BetMGM has one of the most secured gaming setup as well as its safe payment options. The 24/7 customer support system is also an excellent reason to trust BetMGM with your NFL bets.


Caesars Sportsbook

Also famous for its ties with an international entertainment chain, Caesars’ sportsbook relies on the success and rich history of Caesars Entertainment. As the brainchild of an established hotel and casino company, Caesars Sportsbook has a rich reward system and even better game collections.


Regarding NFL bets, Caesars offers some of the most comprehensive betting markets and generous odds. Players at Caesar can place bets on a wide range of games using the Caesars football betting promo codes to gain extra payouts and no deposit bonuses.

Security is quite tight at Caesars sportsbooks. Years of running a large casino chain has helped the managers create one of America’s most secure sports betting options.



You have enjoyed the thrill of NFL bets until you wager in the Betway sportsbook. This betting site welcomes its new players with up to $250 free bets on NFL or any other sport. The payment methods at Betway also allow you to make payments through eWallets, bank cards, and direct transfers. We guarantee that these casino payment methods are some of the most secure ways to place bets or withdraw your winnings.


The help center at Betway includes a response 24/7 chat option. The sportsbook has support staff ready to provide detailed responses to all queries related to sports betting. However, Betway is only available in about eight states across the U.S., while it also has licenses to operate in several countries across Europe and Africa.



FanDuel has become one of the most popular betting platforms in the United States. Most punters are aware of the growing FanDuel v DraftKings debate, and we know that it is with good reason. FanDuel has been one of the highest-rated sportsbooks since it launched in 2018. Its spread has recently reached over 19 states in the U.S., with several sports leagues and a large casino gaming option.


Sports betting on FanDuel comes with an unusual security advantage. New players enjoy up to $150 as their welcome deposit. The sportsbook also has an extensive parlay betting option with rich accumulator bonuses. We can go on about the security features of this online sportsbook. FanDuel uses industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure all-around protection for its players. It also runs an extensive, Responsible Gambling system that manages how players make their deposits and other gambling activities.


Let’s Wrap it Up – Bet Responsibly.

The sportsbooks in this review are some of the most secure online platforms for placing your NFL bets. We also confirm that they offer exciting odds that can lead to massive payout for new and returning players. This review also contains a detailed guide to help you identify safe betting sites. However, these sportsbooks’ security and betting odds are subject to your choices. We recommend limiting how much information you share with any betting site and how much you wager on any game. May the odds be in your favor.