This has got to be one of the many issues that keep the Miami Dolphins brass up late at night. Yes, there are so many just on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive line is a mess, we do not have a “true” solution at quarterback, and the tight end position is up in the air. However, there is one decision that has become increasingly easy, at least in this fan’s eyes: Not only do we need to keep Jarvis Landry, but we have to keep him.

As this team headed into the season, I was not convinced that we had to keep Landry. I was so keen on seeing DeVante Parker develop into that true number one guy, and that would help ease the pain of losing a guy like Jarvis in free agency this off-season. Well, it is pretty clear that Devante has not turned into that guy, this season, and there are now serious doubts about his ability to ever turn into a  WR1 option for this franchise.

Let’s take a look at Landry’s numbers for the season: 80 Catches ( IN 12 GAMES ), 699 yards, and 6 touchdowns. As it pertains to the yards and touchdowns categories, do the numbers make you fall out of your desk chair? Probably not. However, as you watch our games, he is always there when we need that first down catch, or that one play to ignite the offense. A quick 2017 comparison to a guy, who just got a 4 year and $52 million dollar extension, Alshon Jeffery: 47 catches, 680 yards, and 7 touchdowns. This contract structure should be the absolute base of what Landry should expect of his next contract extension, whether it be from Miami or a different franchise altogether.

When I look at the player that Landry has turned into, we cannot afford to lose him. Not only is he our best offensive player, but he is our emotional leader. GO FINS… NOW AND FOREVER.