Every year here on DolphinsTalk.com I release my one and only
mock draft a few days before the actual NFL Draft. So, as I start to prepare in
building my 2018 Mock Draft I am seeing some trends with some other mock drafts
out there currently that I do not agree with. It’s time to bust some myth’s out
there as we head into the 2018 NFL Draft

Four Quarterbacks Will Go in the First Five Draft Picks: The big
four quarterbacks in this draft are Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and
Baker Mayfield in whichever order you prefer. Mel Kiper of ESPN recently hadquarterbacks going 1-2-3 in his latest Mock with the 4th quarterback going 5th overall. The key pick to have that happen is with what the
NY Giants do #2 overall as if they take a quarterback then you will see
quarterbacks go 1-2-3 in this draft leaving one of them still available when
pick #4 is on the clock. While I do think there is a chance the Giants take a
quarterback at #2 I do not think it is a given as I think they may try to make
one more run with Eli Manning as their quarterback. I don’t think the Giants
will go with a quarterback and I think only two quarterbacks go in the first 4
picks of this draft. And one of these guys could fall out of the Top 10.

Buffalo is Going to Pull the Trigger and Make a Big Draft Day
We all know the Bills have the draft capital to make a big move should they
want to; the question is will they want too. There are some mock draft’s out there that believe the Bills will be bold and move up into the Top 5 of theDraft to get the quarterback they want. I am not so sure about that though. For
one, AJ McCarron is only 27 years old. The Bills could try and build around him
and not give up a plethora of draft picks. I just don’t see the Bills as being
desperate to move up and take a QB in Round 1. They have so many picks they
could sit where they are and go with a Lamar Jackson in Rd 1. Or a Mason
Rudolph or Luke Falk in Round 2.

Tight Ends will start going off the board in Round 1: Todd McShay in his latest Mock Draft has two tight ends going in Round one and I am just
not seeing how this happens. This is a very deep tight end class and the two
players who are considered #1 and #2 in this class both have question marks.
Hayden Hurst is 25 years old and Dallas Goedert played college in a small
school and has question marks because of that. Because this draft class is so
deep at tight end I don’t see the need for any team to reach for one in Round

Three Running Backs Will Go in Rd 1: While Saquon Barkley is a
lock to go very high in this draft I think after him all bets are off on
whether another running back gets selected in Round 1. Recently Charlie Casserly of NFL.com has three running backs going in the first round and I just
don’t see it. He has Derrius Guice going 20 to Detroit and Sony Michele going
32 to Cleveland (via a trade) where Cleveland trades back into Rd 1. While
Guice and Michele are both very good players, much like the tight end position
the running back class in this draft is very deep. And any team thinking about a
running back in the middle to late Round 1 could probably go with another
position there and get a running back they like in round 2. I think at most two
running backs go in round 1 of this draft and its very likely only one gets
selected in the first round.

The Dolphins must take a Quarterback, Defensive Tackle, or Linebacker
at Pick #11:
Everyone seems to think the Dolphins with the 11th pick
must take their quarterback of the future, a defensive tackle to replace Suh,
or a linebacker to help that mess of a unit they have currently. Some outthere, like Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, believe Miami will go with the best player available
and ignore need. As he has Miami taking safety Derwin James. While James is a
great player and someone who can help Miami’s defense safety isn’t a top need
this offseason in any way shape or form. I think the Dolphins being at 11 can
find a great player that fills a need and safety is a luxury pick this year.