Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network are reporting that the Houston Texans want to announce a trade of quarterback Deshaun Watson prior to March 16th the start of the league year. So, then the trade could be executed on March 16th and it will give the Texans clarity on their offseason plan with what drat picks and salary cap space they have.

Per Pelissero and Rapoport: “The target now is to trade Watson before the 2022 league year begins on March 16, maximizing the flexibility the Texans have in free agency and the draft. And some clarity on the serious legal matters Watson faces could be coming soon.


The Houston prosecutor handling 10 criminal complaints filed against Watson is expected to make clear her stance on any potential charges sometime in the next several weeks and turn over the case to a grand jury, sources say. Depositions have also begun for the 22 women who accused Watson of sexual misconduct in civil court; Watson’s deposition can take place no sooner than Feb. 22 and a pre-trial conference is set for May. Watson has denied wrongdoing.

Watson has a no-trade clause and waived it this season only to his preferred destination, the Dolphins. In essence, he has veto power. However, the Panthers also showed renewed interest in a potential Watson trade before the deadline in November, and other teams figure to be interested as well, pending further information on the legal cases and possible league discipline.”

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More on this story as it develops.