Last year, the Dolphins had a chance to make the post-season. Yet, in the end, they saw the Patriots jump them in the division and remained on the outside looking in. Will it be any different this year? Let’s take a quick look at each team in the AFC East.

Your Miami Dolphins

Christmas came early for Tua Tagovailoa during free agency. The team’s management made sure that he wouldn’t have any reason to complain about the players on the field accompanying him this year. The most significant offseason move came when they traded for wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who has made himself famous in a great football city, with the Kansas City Chief. This new target for Tua should be one that will let him show all of his talents. But if he is covered, Tua will still have great players around him, in left tackle Terron Armstead and a bunch of new guys at the running back position (Raheem Mostert, Chase Edmonds, and Sony Michel). Let’s not forget Cedrik Wilson, who has settled himself in the great city of Miami for the next three years. This all means that the odds for Miami to win quite a few games this year should be high. If you want to bet on it, here are a few American football betting tips that should help you get it right.

The Buffalo Bills

In the last few years, this team has managed an amazing rebuild as they built the team up around their now-famous young QB, Josh Allen. It didn’t take him too long to get noticed on the field and by all the other teams in the league. Many people are betting on him to be the MVP of the NFL in 2022. These achievements are difficult to predict, though, and could be way off mark by the end of football season. But to imagine that they could lead the division one more time this year is certainly not far fetch. One of the biggest reasons for that is that the team had the best-ranked defense last year. We all know defense can win you titles, and Buffalo is counting on that, to finally jump over the fence this time. They certainly were a major favorite to win it all last February, so they will have this deception to fuel their fire if they need it.

The New England Patriots

Last year, the Patriots did a quick rebuild. How quick? They missed the playoffs in the 2020-21 season, after 17 appearances and 19 straight winning seasons, only to get back to it in 2021-22. They went out and drafted a young QB in Mac Jones, who came into the game surprisingly strong. Under the direction of Bill Belichick, he did what was needed of him to win sufficiently in order to head to the second leg of the season. That in itself was quite the accomplishment for a team that everyone thought was done and out for a while. However, not everyone is convinced that they will come back as strong this year. A big part of that is due to the loss of their OC, McDaniels. But never count out a Belichick team. Everyone knows that in the AFC East (and the rest of the league as well). Look for them to be competitive, at the very least.

The New York Jets

It is fair to say that expectations are low in New York for the Jets. They are currently second from the bottom for the best chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Before players head out onto the field, these predictions don’t mean much. Still, it would be a miracle if the Jets were to find their way into the post-season, especially considering the competition in their division, as shown above. A good part of the answer to the question “will they be competitive?” will come from Zach Wilson’s performance. The now second-year QB was the second quarterback picked when he was drafted, but it certainly didn’t translate into winning football on the field. Their offseason looked like a winning one, with the addition of safety Jordan Whitehead and corner D.J. Reed. Let’s not forget tight end C.J. Uzomah, who will undoubtedly help the team in a big way in 2022. But to believe that it will be enough for them to make a big splash in the league in the coming months would be betting on odds that aren’t safe.