The NFL Trade deadline is hours away, and the Miami Dolphins, you can make the case, could be and should be very active.

But if you think I mean being “active” in the way of adding players, you are mistaken. I don’t think the Dolphins need to add any players at this time; I think they should look to trade away some assets and build up their draft currency. 

With Miami trading away so many picks to acquire Tyreek Hill and Bradley Chubb and then losing multiple picks for the tampering for Tom Brady and Sean Payton, the past two seasons, Miami had only four draft picks in the 2022 and 2023 drafts. And many of those were late-round picks. They currently enter the 2024 draft without a pick in rounds 3 and 4, so adding draft currency is necessary.

The Dolphins have enough superstars; now its time to build some depth on this roster with cheap rookies on rookie contracts.

And, if you are asking, why wouldn’t I want Miami to trade for a player to improve the team? Honestly, I don’t think they have to.

Terron Armstead has missed a lot of time…he is coming back.

Connor Williams has missed a lot of time….he is coming back.

Xavien Howard has missed some time…he is coming back.

De’Von Achane has missed a lot of time…he is coming back.

River Cracraft has missed a lot of time…he is coming back.

Nik Needham is back.

And, oh yeah, some guy named Jalen Ramsey returned this weekend and made a huge impact.

Those guys returning are your trade-deadline additions to this roster.

What Miami has, though, are some assets that they don’t really use or need at the moment that could fetch them a decent draft pick in return.

Here are a couple of players I think Miami could part with by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Emmanuel Ogbah: This one is obvious. He doesn’t fit with what Miami does on defense in the Fangio scheme. Miami, having Chubb, Phillips, and AVG, really don’t need Ogbah at this time.  His contract makes him tough to trade, and getting a high pick in return for him will be unlikely. But for a 5th-round pick, I think Miami should jump at the opportunity. Not that a 5th round pick is so special, but it’s another pick, another lottery ticket, so to speak, and Miami needs as many lottery tickets as possible right now (ie draft picks) to build back up a bank of picks.

Brandon Jones: Surprised by this? Don’t be. Much like Ogbah, he isn’t a fit for what Fangio wants to do. Fangio needs his safeties to be very athletic, and Jones is more of a box safety/Blitzer. With Nik Needham back and the return of Howard and Ramsey, Miami can slide Needham to safety and replace Jones (along with Holland and Elliott). You then have. Your corners are Ramsey, Howard, Kohou, and Apple. To me, Jones is the odd man out, so why not look to move him? He is in the final year of his deal, so he is a rental to whatever team that acquires him. But a good team that runs a scheme that fits his skill set is going to make a playoff run…why not add him? And it gives you the first crack to sign him long-term if you like him. I would think a 5th-round pick or 6th-round pick for Jones is fair compensation.

Jeff Wilson: Achane will be back after the bye; Mostert is healthy, Salvon Ahmed has played well. Does Miami really need a 4th running back? Wilson will be the odd man out, most likely, and is a guy who could return a pick. For a team who has had a lot of running back injuries (ie Cleveland, maybe, or Dallas, or Baltimore) who is looking to add a body but not break the bank, I think Wilson for a 6th is a fair trade that helps both sides.

It will be interesting to see if Miami does anything at the trade deadline, but if they do I would think they are sellers before they are buyers.