It is fair to say Floridians have had their fair share of spoils from the NFL over the years with some pretty amazing moments, in particular, Miami Dolphins, which is the team we’ll be focusing on giving you some of the outfit’s most victorious moments that defied expectations. These are the kind of wins sports betting fans look for. The best NFL betting sites information from are where sports betting fans have made a fortune from taking a risk and betting on similar odd-defying moments the amazing Dolphins teams over the years have achieved.


The Perfect Season (1972/73)

Although it was some time ago, let’s talk about perfection. In the 1972/73 season, the Miami Dolphins did what no other NFL squad had pulled off. Going 14-0 and then capping it with a Super Bowl trophy after beating the Washington Redskins. As far as records go, the Dolphins set the ultimate bar for greatness in football. Against all the odds, the team overcame the nerves to become the first team to win every game of the season, and that team remains the only NFL outfit to claim a 100% winning in any NFL season.

What drove them? The season prior, the Dolphins had reached the Superbowl grand finale only for the Dallas Cowboys to win, and it was a driving force for the Dolphins to come back and win the next year. Ironically enough, when the Cowboys beat the Dolphins, they had lost the Super Bowl final the previous year.

For the Dolphins’ first Superbowl victory and a historic unbeaten run, even the haters admired the invincible winning streak, earning the nation’s respect.


The Double (1973/74)

Amazingly, after winning Super Bowl VII, the Dolphins returned the next year to the Superbowl VIII, making it the third consecutive year in the final against all the odds. Previously, only the Green Packers and Cowboys had managed back-to-back finals, but no team could claim three consecutive Superbowl finals.

The final was against the Minnesota Vikings, and the Dolphins had another record break. Becoming the second team to win two consecutive Super Bowl championships is a feat only the Green Bay Packers had achieved. Once again, against all the odds, the Dolphins earned their second Super Bowl, and the team collected several record-breaking honors.

Defying the odds in just three years

  • First NFL team to go unbeaten for an entire season
  • First NFL team to reach three Super Bowl finals
  • First NFL team to reach the Super Bowl finals in three consecutive seasons
  • Second NFL team to win two Super Bowls
  • Second NFL team to win two back-to-back Super Bowls

AFC Playoff (1981) – Epic in Miami

The 1981 AFC playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers is etched in NFL folklore as the Epic in Miami because this playoff extravaganza ended up being one of the wildest NHL contests in the game’s history. So much so that the game even has a page on Wikipedia describing the game – Wikipedia The Epic in Miami.

It was pure mayhem from the start. The Chargers led 24-0 before the Dolphin’s epic comeback against all odds. Led by the team’s backup QB, Don Strock, Miami took the lead in the fourth quarter before the Chargers forced their way back and sent the game into overtime. Craziness. Above all, one play defines this game: the Dolphins’ improvised hook and lateral touchdown.

Strock passed to Duriel Harris, who abruptly pitched sideways to Tony Nathan. With the defense out of position, Nathan cruised 40 yards untouched to paydirt. It was a stroke of genius. Over 40 years later, it still awes NFL fans today.

One of the Most Popular NFL Teams in the World

The Miami Dolphins‘ popularity as an NFL team reaches beyond Florida, where its Hard Rock Stadium resides. In Europe, where American Football isn’t a sport many watch, those who follow the NFL or loosely keep an eye on it will say they support either the Miami Dolphins or San Franciso 49rs. The Dolphins’ popularity overseas is a simple one. Dolphins are popular. Also, Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, so Europeans tend to pick a team in a city they are familiar with.

The team is also the most popular in Florida, with its main rivals competing for fanbase in the state are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who play in the NFC South division, while the Miami Dolphins play in the AFC East division. Also in the AFC division from Florida is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Three teams from a single state. Of those three teams, the Dolphins won two Superbowls in 1973 (Super Bowl VII) and 1974 (Super Bowl VIII), and more recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV in 2020.

Yet, the Miami Dolphins are still the most popular team.