The Dan Le Batard Show discusses Tyreek Hill’s numerous recent controversies and compares his off-the-field antics to Antonio Brown’s.

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The eventful offseason of Tyreek Hill continues with a new report from the Miami Herald that he allegedly smashed a cigar in the face of his wife. On January 30th of this year, police were called to Tyreek’s home. Ketta Vaccaro told police on the scene that she and Hill were arguing over a post-nuptial agreement, the divorce filing, and Hill removing her from his social media accounts, according to a police incident report.

Per the Miami Herald and ProFootballTalk: “Vaccaro told investigators she refused to sign the post-nup agreement, stating she felt “bullied, threatened and verbally abused.” She also reported that Hill “smashed” an unlit cigar in her face, the report says.”

Tyreek Hill tells a slightly different story. Hill claims he “flicked” the cigar but denied striking her, according to the police report.

Officers didn’t notice any visible marks on Vaccaro’s face or body, and there were no signs of a struggle in the home. “Due to conflicting stories and no evidence that a crime had occurred, no arrest was made,” the incident report says.

It had been expected that Miami was going to restructure the contract of Tyreek Hill this offseason to open up salary cap space. It hasn’t happened yet, and you have to start to think with the laundry list of off-the-field issues Hill has had; maybe Miami doesn’t want to commit any more money to the superstar WR and kick the can down the road with money tied to him on the salary cap. Possibly they are looking for the day they can move on from him and have a clean break from his contract.

Being in the headlines for off-the-field issues is not new for Tyreek Hill. Last month, Plus-sized model Sophie Hall is now suing him for allegedly breaking her leg, per the Daily Mail.

Last week Tyreek left a comedy club in Atlanta when he was the center of a fight that took place at the event. It should be noted that Tyreek left the venue before the fight took place. Nevertheless, the argument which led to the fight was around Tyreek and involved people Tyreek went to the show with.

In 2023, Hill was hit with two paternity lawsuits.

Per a NY Post article, “Brittany Lackner, 30, and Kimberly Baker, 29, accused the All-Pro NFLer of not adequately providing for the children he allegedly conceived with them — and are demanding more child support than the $2,500 per month he already pays them both, as stated in the legal papers. Both lawsuits are ongoing, and were filed separately in Broward County.”

Both children in question were born in 2023.

The report says, “Lackner gave birth to her son, Soul Corazon Hill, on Feb. 7, 2023, after alleging the month prior that she had sex with Hill in Florida in 2022. In her lawsuit, Lackner alleged a prenatal paternity test proved 29-year-old Hill was the father “with greater than 99.9 percent probability.”

In the other lawsuit, the one from Kimberly Baker, she stated in her suit that Tyreek Hill had “utter and abject unconcern” for her now-six-month-old daughter, Trae Love Hill — who she claimed was conceived when she and Hill hooked up in Aug. 2022.

“The Father has in fact demonstrated utter and abject unconcern for the child in wholly failing to act as a parent and is completely failing to support the child,” was also stated in the lawsuit.

One of the paternity suits was settled last month as Tyreek took accountability that the child is his and agreed to a child support plan.

Also, on June 18th, 2023, there was an incident at Haulover Marina involving Tyreek Hill and a marina employee. According to reports from WPLG-TV in Miami, Hill allegedly hit the employee during a disagreement.

The NFL didn’t take action or suspend Tyreek and no charges were brought by police after Hill and the victim announced a resolution.

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