Some of us have to ask Chris Grier for forgiveness, and I am included. When Christian Wilkins, Andrew Van Ginkel, and Robert Hunt all signed with other teams in the first hours of Free Agency, I was infuriated with Chris Grier for being unable to keep any of them. But let’s be honest: Wilkins and Hunt were too expensive and may not be worth signing at that price. Van Ginkel is a different case. I am still mad about that, and at the moment, I thought that the Dolphins would have a terrible defense. But luckily for us, Chris Grier proved us wrong once again.

In the first two days, he signed many players, including Shaq Barret, Aaron Brewer, Jordyn Brooks, and Jordan Poyer, but I have already written about them. Honestly, after all those moves, I doubted that Chris Grier could make any more significant signings before June 1st or finish up Tua’s extension, which would clear some cap space. But somehow, he was still able to sign more important players.

He was able to sign Kendall Fuller, who was ranked as one of the best free-agent cornerbacks in the NFL, for a reasonable price of $16.5M for two years. This is around a third of what the Dolphins were paying Xavien Howard, who they released. So, with Fuller, Miami fills that need, and the secondary looks good.

Another spot that the Dolphins needed to fill was at the Defensive Tackle position because they lost Christian Wilkins. If we are being honest, it’s almost impossible to replace Wilkins, but the Dolphins were able to sign Neville Galimore and Benito Jones, who are both decent players. The Dolphins still have Zach Sieler, who will become their main defensive tackle because of Wilkin’s departure. The Dolphins also re-signed Defensive Tackle De’Shawn Hand, who is also a good player.

So, between Sieler, Galimore, Jones, and Hand, I don’t think the Dolphins should be so worried about that position anymore. They might still try to get more defensive line help at the draft, but I doubt they will sign anybody else for that position. And as much as we all want Aaron Donald, let’s be honest, that won’t happen.

The Dolphins also filled some other needs, like the TE position, where they have signed Jordy Foston from the Chiefs in addition to Jonnu Smith. The TE room looks really good now with Smith, Foston, and Smythe, but I am sure some people are still not happy and are going to ask to draft a TE in an early round. I doubt Chris Grier will do that, but maybe he will prove me wrong again.

The Dolphins also addressed special teams and signed Siran Neal, who is apparently considered a special teams “ace.” Hopefully, he lives up to the expectations because the Dolphins struggled in special teams last season and have room for improvement.

There are still some needs, but now they are mostly on the offense, which is funny because just three days ago, we thought we needed a bunch of defensive players, but with all these signings, the defense looks more than solid. Some might say it looks even better than last year, but I am not ready to make that claim until they play. The Dolphins did lose Deshon Elliot to the Steelers, so there is that one safety spot that needs to be filled up. But on the offensive side, the Dolphins need a Guard or two and more Wide Receiver Depth. There are rumors that the Dolphins might bring back Braxton Berrios, but nothing is finalized yet.

I guess the Dolphins will try to draft a guard in an early round and maybe even a Wide Receiver if they cannot get good depth before the draft. I think that most of the other needs have been completely taken care of; even if some people are still unsatisfied with the RB room and the Defensive Line, I am. One thing I want the Dolphins to do is to sign Jarvis Landry, the former Dolphins legend. I think he deserves a chance, and he is probably willing to take any money to play; I see no risk in signing him, and he could be amazing if he is paired up with Tyreek and Waddle.

Come on, Chris Grier. You did a lot these past couple of days of free agency, but just do this one thing: I am sure most Dolphins fans can agree that we want Jarvis back. But honestly, Chris Grier has had really good free agency so far, and he has been able to sign many players with very little cap space.