Free agency is a few weeks old, and the NFL combine is over. We are officially in mock draft season. And while we know mock drafts are more “entertaining” than “science,” they are fun to look at. Field Yates of ESPN today put out a Two-Round Mock Draft, and with picks #21 and #55, he has Miami Selecting…..


Round 1, Pick #21: Byron Murphy II, DT – Texas

“The Dolphins just watched Christian Wilkins depart in free agency, but Murphy has some traces of Wilkins in his game as a disruptive interior defender. Murphy had a great season in 2023 with five sacks, but the stats are far from the full story of his impact. He has a unique ability to torque and hold up against the run, and he makes life easier for the players around him.”

Round 2, Pick #55: Christian Haynes, G – UCONN

“The Dolphins lost Robert Hunt in free agency, opening a significant gap along the offensive line. Enter Haynes, an experienced guard (49 starts) who plays with a serious edge to his game. I think he’d be an ideal fit in the Miami offense.”


Byron Murphy Draft Profile THE DRAFT NETWORK


  • First-step explosiveness
  • High motor
  • Plays with good pad leverage


  • Size
  • Scheme/role specific
  • Hold the line of scrimmage against double teams

Film Analysis: 

During his career at Texas, Byron Murphy II was a consistently disruptive interior defensive lineman, using his first-step explosiveness and great leverage to make plays against the run and as a pass rusher.

Against the run, Murphy uses his quickness at the snap to get into gaps and immediately get backfield penetration. This results in Murphy being able to disrupt the track of run plays, forcing running backs to have to change their path. It also allows Murphy to pursue a play backside with the opportunity to make the play. Murphy is a plus-level athlete, which is shown by his lateral agility and reactionary athleticism reacting to the flow of the offensive play.

As a pass rusher, Murphy’s quickness and leverage give him advantages to create pressure on the quarterback or get a sack. Murphy does a good job of immediately getting into a gap. Because he plays with low pad height, he makes it difficult for offensive linemen to get proper hand placement on him to stop his penetration. Murphy has plus-level functional strength and can knock offensive linemen’s hands down with hand counters. Murphy is an active pass rusher who will consistently work through the duration of a play and will make plays simply by effort and retracing his steps.

Murphy’s concerns as a player are based on scheme and role limitations. Because Murphy lacks ideal mass, there are moments when he will struggle to hold the point of attack against double teams. His best reps are when he is in a gap or has one-on-one blocks where he can use his functional strength to deconstruct blocks. It appears that Murphy will be best served as a 3-tech in a 4-3 scheme, because a 3-4 scheme may limit his best attributes.

Overall, Murphy is an explosive defensive lineman with a high motor who has the physical traits to make disruptive game-changing plays in the right scheme.

Prospect Projection: Day 2 — Adequate Starter

Christian Haynes Draft Profile NFL DraftBuzz


Emerging from a modest two-star recruitment in 2018, Christian Haynes has defied expectations, becoming a linchpin for Connecticut’s offensive line with an impressive 49 consecutive starts at right guard. Over his collegiate career, Haynes distinguished himself not just through durability but also with back-to-back third-team All-American honors in his junior and senior years, underscoring his impact in a balanced run-pass offense.

  • Exhibits elite timing, feel, and processing abilities, enhancing his performance across all aspects of his game.
  • Demonstrates formidable technique in run-blocking, effectively uprooting first-level defenders and smoothly transitioning to the second level.
  • Exceptional in wide zone blocking, his athleticism and technique allow him to effectively engage and neutralize linebackers and backside defenders.
  • Strong finisher, showcasing a relentless pursuit to engage through the entirety of plays, epitomizing a combative spirit.
  • Reliable in pass protection with a solid anchor, reactive feet, and hands, adept at diagnosing and neutralizing pass rush attempts.
  • Handles line stunts and adjacent rushers with a discerning, physical presence, ensuring pocket integrity.
  • His college system’s emphasis on a zone-based run scheme with duo and power concepts has honed his adaptability and skill execution across various blocking schemes.
  • Despite physical measurements that might suggest otherwise, his agility and intelligent play make him an immediate impact starter and versatile interior line prospect.
  • Limited by average twitch, quickness, and agility, which narrows his margin for error against nimble defensive linemen.
  • Struggles with wide rush alignments and elite defensive tackles due to length concerns and quickness, potentially creating vulnerabilities in pass protection.
  • While his size and athleticism are generally assets, they may limit his versatility and effectiveness against larger, more agile NFL defenders.
  • Occasionally, his aggressive style can lead to overextension and missed opportunities to leverage and adjust against savvy rushers.
  • Needs to refine control and leverage to maintain optimal positioning and effectiveness in both run blocking and pass protection.

Christian Haynes has proven himself as a durable and dependable guard throughout his time at UConn, showcasing a blend of technical skill and football IQ that sets him apart. His ability to consistently start and perform at a high level, even against the backdrop of a challenging collegiate program, speaks volumes about his readiness for the NFL. With solid pass protection skills and a knack for run blocking, Haynes’ transition to professional football looks promising, especially for teams emphasizing a zone-blocking scheme.

Despite some concerns regarding his quickness and versatility against the diverse and dynamic defensive fronts in the NFL, Haynes’ foundational skills and mental sharpness suggest he can adapt and overcome.

Looking ahead, Haynes is positioned to make an early impact in the NFL. His work ethic, demonstrated by his consecutive starts and all-American honors, underlines his commitment to improvement and consistency. While further development will be needed Haynes’ collegiate career provides a solid foundation for his potential success at the pro level.

Tony Pauline Two Round Mock Draft has Miami Selecting…

Tony Pauline Two-Round Mock Draft has Miami Selecting…